Partners on your Natural Path

Our Story


The story of Resonant Botanicals begins with music. From my earliest memories, music has always featured prominently in the life of my family. Most of our family gatherings found my father playing his guitar or mandolin and my siblings playing their band instruments in joyful living room concerts. Throughout my life this deep love of music continued to grow and in my teens I began a crazy journey as a professional musician.

Alongside the music that bonded us together was a focus on natural herbal healing. Both my great-grandmother and grandmother were herbalists who always had something available to treat injuries or soothe ruffled feathers.   Along the road I met a talented herbalist who taught me well about the beneficial properties of herbs and encouraged me in my journey—not only with herbs, but also along my spiritual path. From my heart, I will always be grateful for her influence and teachings.

The marriage of my two loves, music and herbs, was the inspiration for the name of our company. Music resonates in our soul, and when we perform music or listen to it, the experience can be transformative. A similar transformative effect is also by the herbs and botanical essence blends in all Resonant Botanicals product. Each is scientifically formulated with the most effective herbs in a superior delivery system designed to counter the stressful cacophony of modern life.

At Resonant Botanicals, we believe there is great value in relieving pain and anxiety without using prescription medications, all of which contain isolated molecules that can be synthesized (and patented). While that single molecule may have great benefit for relieving symptoms, there are the well documented downsides of addiction and debilitating side effects. Like many people, I too have loved ones who were addicted to prescription pain relievers, and experienced first-hand the agonizing erosion of their quality of life and descent into addiction. I decided to do something about it.

We think a little differently than most people in the industry. In creating Resonant Botanicals, I gathered together an eclectic and wildly talented group of people who share my philosophy and love of nature. My education is in chemistry, and I have a fascination with how molecules get metabolized (processed) in our body. In herbal medicine, the whole plant is extracted, with all its beneficial properties and all the “entourage” molecules are made available to assist in the relief process. While it is not patentable, these actions have been observed for thousands of years through many different cultures, and that is where we have chosen to place our focus with our products.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in the journey to a more active life and naturally balanced health. We look forward to hearing from you.


Partners on Your Natural Path,

Michael Yocco