Partners on your Natural Path

Pay it Forward

Resonant Botanicals Pay It Forward program is a wonderful way to share our products with less fortunate folks in need of natural pain or anxiety relief.

How our Pay It Forward program works:

1.  Customers and Friends may contribute to the program through a donation which will be applied to the cost of an Invigorate or Qi of Calm™ two ounce lotion to help us reach those in need.  Resonant Botanicals will cover the shipping and handling costs and provide our product at wholesale cost.

If you are in need, send your mailing address along with your product preference. Once the Program is funded, we will ship it to you at no cost.

2.  Resonant Botanical Customers who have been liberated from prescription opioids through the use of our products can share a two ounce bottle with a friend in need.  Simply leave us feedback and share your success story (link to contact us page) Then enter your original order number and we will send them a two ounce lotion.

Thank you for helping us build a compassionate, caring and healing community.