Painless X - Through the Microscope Eyes of Linden Gledhill

We’ve always been fans of Masuro Emoto’s theories and photographs on the effect human consciousness has on water molecules. What do the ingredients of Painless X look like under great magnification?  We asked world famous photographer Linden Gledhill to perform a study on some of the various components of Painless X and the results of his work are below. 

To achieve his results, Linden activated select frequencies for each ingredient, which in turn influenced the orientation of the molecular design you see. From our infused oils, to our essential oil and terpene blend as well as our frequency-enhanced water added to the lotion, this is a stunning compilation of photos!  We thought you might enjoy Linden’s work—we sure have!
Please let us know what you think of these photographs and we’re always open to your thoughts and suggestions on our products and how we might improve.