Our latest product is a direct reflection on how important customer feedback is to Resonant Botanicals. We love following up with customers on the phone to hear how about their experiences with our products. This is the perfect opportunity for inspiration to strike! We can learn about any problems customers might be having with products and find out what customers are really looking for.

Over the years, Resonant Botanicals has been quick to make adjustments to the color, scent, and feel of our products if that’s what the customers want. Sometimes speaking to customers is the inspiration that leads to an entirely new product. Royal is a culmination of many conversations we’ve had with customers.

Increased Hemp Oil Extract

One common thread we noticed among our customers was that they wanted more hemp extract in the products. We took this feedback and created the Painless X for chronic pain and arthritis. Painless X contains 52.5 mg hemp oil extract per ounce. Some people still didn’t think this enough. So we took this feedback one step further and created ROYAL, which contains more than double this amount of hemp oil extra—125 mg per ounce!

One Product That Does It All!

Some customers have also shared their frustrations with needing so many different products. Each product had a slightly different use, which was inconvenient and expensive. With so many products, they would have to go rummaging through their drawers, searching for the product that was appropriate for a specific use. They would have to take the time to read through every product’s label before finding the perfect one.

Customers expressed how nice it would be if we sold one product for many uses. Royal is the answer to this concern as well! It’s one convenient product that’s effective for multiple uses. It helps relieve pain in your muscles, joints, and nerves. If you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or neuropathy, you should be able to find relief in this product. When it’s late and you don’t want to have to think about what you’re looking for, there’s Royal!

The Cocktail You Already Know and Love – Just Better

When talking to customers, we’ve also discovered that many of them use Painless X in combination with Neuro-Soothe. Sometimes they would even add a little MSR2580 to the mix. As the mix gained popularity, many of our customers started referring to this combination as “the cocktail.”

This got us thinking: could we combine all three products to make one unique item that would answer all these customer needs? The result was Royal! If you’re one of our customers who enjoyed the cocktail in the past, Royal is perfect for you. We’ve mixed all your favorite Resonant Botanicals products and put them in one extra-special, super-convenient jar.

Hopefully, this product will become one of your new favorites, the perfect addition to your nighttime routine. We know it’s one of our favorites! Keep giving us suggestions and who knows? We may be creating your product idea very soon!