The Story of Comfort

Sometimes, the best stories have tragic beginnings. The story of Comfort comes from the pain of losing loved ones and the desire to bring healing during a time of pain and sorrow.

Many of us choose to neglect to confront this reality, choosing to hide in our work and lead busy lives, not realizing that our grief can stay dormant and manifest itself at a later stage in our life if unaddressed.

Following multiple consultations with acupuncturists and studying the five-element healing process of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was the element of water that stood out and soon became the foundation for Comfort.

Although a departure from Resonant Botanicals' product line of pain-relief lotions, Comfort is designed as a spiritual and emotional uplift and reassurance for when we need it most.

Combined with herbs of rose, mimosa, licorice root, Ziziphus, lily bulbs, motherwort, hawthorn, linden and tulsi rama, Comfort specifically targets the symptoms of grief to help soothe and calm you when your world has been rocked.

Whether it’s a heartfelt sympathy gift for someone you know or for yourself, adding Comfort to a self-care routine can offer a trusty companion as a person navigates the storms of life.